Wing Chun’s Straight Line Punch

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The straight line punch is one of the basic and primary strikes in Wing Chun and it has a few applications up its sleeves. Though it’s mainly used for striking, it can also be used for defence too which I can explore in my next blog post.

The straight line punch is simple in nature but it incorporates several of Wing Chun’s key principles – economy of motion, conservation of energy, triangular alignments, just to name a few.

Wing Chun strikes do not require winding back the arms and the straight line punch, in particular, is thrown in front of our chest area hence the saying “the punch starts from the heart” – load the fist in the centre of your chest and blast your fist forward like your life depends on it, but only attack when you must, to conserve energy whilst keeping yourself free from tension.

In Cantonese, the straight line punch is called “character sun blast punch”. Essentially using just the bottom 3 knuckles (that looks like the Chinese word “sun”), it generates force through the power of alignment – not to be confused with brute force. It just goes without saying that learning the fundamentals behind the Wing Chun’s body mechanics and energies will greatly improve punching speed and power.

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