The little old lady

What is Wing Chun (and the little lady?)

Wing Chun is a self-defence martial arts believed to have been invented by a Shaolin Nun called NG Mui around 300+ years ago in Southern China.

Essentially, Wing Chun is an assimilation of Shaolin Kung Fu. Instead of flowery and exaggerated movement, Wing Chun emphasises on body mechanics, relaxation and sensitivity. Most of the moves involved getting in close and striking with the fist, palm, fingers, elbow and heel to the vulnerable part of the body such as the eyes, nose, throat, groin, knees, etc. With these moves, Wing Chun enables smaller people, often with shorter stature, to defend themselves against much bigger and stronger enemies. Not emphasising on strength or power also makes Wing Chun more versatile for people of different ages, genders and body types.

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