Sil Nim Tao training stance

Traditional martial arts in China such as Shaolin kung fu generally have a low stance but Wing Chun adopts a high stance for mobility and the economy of motion.

Fundamentally, Wing Chun is a passive martial art. Being agile on a high stance, we can pivot our bodies effortlessly to evade oncoming attacks. Also, the transition from a standing or walking posture to a fighting one can be a matter of life and death, so a fast response is key.

How could one achieve such agility? That’s what the training stances are for. The training stance in SNT is called a “goat clamping stance”. It literally means to use your legs to clamp on to a goat. In practice, you are actually clamping an imaginary movable object into the ground to increase stability and overall strength of your body structure.

The training stance is not necessarily used in actual fighting and it may look unusual to the untrained eye, but its sole purpose is to help instill the power of “Triangle Theory” through our legs, body and hand movements.

Here’s a good web link for everything you may wish to explore about the power of the triangle in Wing Chun.

The Power of the Triangle

So how would one translate the training stance to the fighting one for combat? We shall explore this in the future posts.

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