Sil Nim Tao – the little idea

I began my Wing Chun training in 2013 and in the first two years I trained regularly. In 2015, my priority changed when I became a father.

Though I lost the time or energy to attend every class, I practised the forms (choreographed sequence of movements) on a weekly basis.

There are three empty hand forms and all three are equally important. Think of them as a pyramid and the first form is “Sil Nim Tao” (SNT) is the foundation of this pyramid, on which Wing Chun is built upon.

I’ve mentioned the intrinsic nature of SNT in my previous posts. In perspective, SNT has simple ideas but the concepts go a long way. Even today I have only scraped the surface.

Practising SNT might appear pointless at first but you need to establish a good level of SNT before progressing to the next two forms. Otherwise, you will fall apart like a pile of wobbly bricks, both mentally and physically.

In my experience, new Wing Chun practitioners who dedicate resource training in SNT are better in “Chi Sau” or in sparring as they progress compared to practitioners who rush through all the forms in a short amount of time.

In the forthcoming posts, I will share some of my personal insights of all three empty hand forms. I will also share my learnings of the wooden dummy form.

Watch this space.

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