Fight like a girl

I previously mentioned Wing Chun was invented by a legendary little lady in my earlier post. Regardless of what the history books (or the lack thereof) actually say, Wing Chun’s conception, characteristics, and core principle all alluded to the legend.

Conception and core principle: Wing Chun was conceived as a self-defence that can be learned reasonably quickly using simple natural body movements with mechanical efficiency, borrowing the energy from the opponent, deflecting their force and avoiding clashing strength with strength. To master it, however, will take a lifetime.

Characteristics: the goat clamping stance, sensitivity, close range combat, the economy of motion and centre-line theory. At no point was any emphasis placed on muscle power or brute force. They all point to Wing Chun’s feminine core, it makes sense to train to fight like a girl.

Since Wing Chun is a concept-based martial art, its interpretation is not prescriptive. As a Wing Chun practitioner, you will have a unique experience by adapting it to your own anatomy and mindset, regardless of gender, age, and body types.

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